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Gateway to Independence, Carroll Center for the Blind, Newton, Mass
Bronze sculpture with brass bells
Height: 92"

Gateway to Independence:
The pathway to rehabilitation is a difficult, trying, and frustrating one. In my sculpture I have tried to indicate a bit of the historical past and an up to date vision of the future.

The past is represented by 20 blue stone stepping stones. They represent the 20 losses that founder Father Thomas Carroll spoke of in his book "Blindness " - the losses people experience when losing their sight. I have made these stones round, symbolizing the dots used in writing Braille.

As one travels along these steps, one goes symbolically from the Rehabilitation Center through this gateway to the new Computer Center for further training, in order to enter the electronic world. This is an extraordinary chance for further freedom and independence.

The two hexagonal pillars creating the gateway are ringed with small bells which, when touched produce a soft tinkle. There are two different donor bell opportunities and each has a place for the donor to have his or her name inscribed. There are 96 small bells and 48 larger bells. A client can ring the bell as a way of saying thank you to the donor or as a way of having a pleasant musical experience.

On top of each of the two pillars making up the gateway is a globe indicating the outreach to the world through the Internet and the effect that this new Adaptive Technology Center will have on its clients. The translucent globes on top of the pillars will be motion sensitive and light up as they are approached and as darkness comes. This is a further indication of how this Center can help "light up the world" for those whose lights are dimming.








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