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Nancy Schön's Aesop's Fables

As retold by Anita Diamant, 24 videos of timeless lessons, based on Nancy Schön's new sculpture series.

Nancy Schön has created an extraordinary new series of 24 bronze sculptures based on Aesop’s Fables. Each sculpture was produced by the lost wax process and is mounted on an 11 1/2” D. Crema Marfil marble base, mounted on a rotating Lazy Susan bearing. The first edition of 24 are Artist’s Proofs and will be kept together for public showing or ultimately bought and placed in a permanent public location. The next individual sculptures, editions of 6, are now available for sale by contacting Nancy Schön at

“Aesop intrigued me. I was astonished to discover that he was a Greek slave, said to have written 656 fables. Here was a man who was born about 2,500 years ago, yet we are still quoting his morals. Based on the 24 letters in the Greek alphabet, I decided on a 24 sculpture collection. How sad, yet also reassuring, that we human beings have not changed in all these centuries. I believe these sculptures represent and send a profound message, an indication of our humanity!”

Nancy Schön is a Boston based sculptor known for her warm, evocative representations of human and animal figures. She has received many commissions, both private and public, and is best known for her Make Way for Ducklings sculpture in the Boston Public Garden.

Anita Diamant is a prize-winning journalist and the author of 12 books, including the best selling novels, The Boston Girl and The Red Tent, which has been published in 26 countries.

Video Produced by NKP Media, Inc.