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Nancy and DogCommissions and Acquisitions


Burt Dow - A Tale of the Sea in the Classic Tradition
Deer Isle, ME
In process

2 Prairie Dogs Meeting
Children’s Garden at Myriad Botanical Gardens
Oklahoma City, OK
Bronze, H. 24”

Children’s Patio, Newton Free Library
Newton, MA
Bronze on brick, H. 24”

Lynch Skatepark
Under the ramps of the Zakim Bridge
East Cambridge, MA
30,000 square feet, cement and grass

24 sculptures based on Aesop’s Fables
DVD, filmed and edited for show


Tortoise and Hare
Crystal Bridges Museum
Bentonville, AK
Bronze, mounted on cement. H. 3’


Sal’s Bear
Coastal Maine Botanical Garden,
Boothbay Harbor, ME
Bronze,mounted on pine needles, surrounded by blueberry bushes. H. 30"

Tortoise and Hare
Leslie and Bill Jacques
Wayland, MA
Bronze mounted on pebbled oval driveway. H. 3’


Butterflies in the Frances Street Garden
Mission Hill Foundation
2 36” bronze Monarch butterflies landing on boulders with a birdbath between. Buddleia (butterfly bush) bushes surround the sculpture,
Boston, MA


Dancing Girl
Commissioned by ISCAR, Ltd.
The Edmond and Lily Safra Children's Hospital, Sheba Medical Center
Tel Hashomer, Israel
Bronze mounted on marble, H. 5’10”


Nursing Sundial
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA
Bronze sundial mounted on Chelmsford granite pedestal, H 8' Diameter: 10’


A Dragon for Dorchester
Nonquit Street Green,
Dorchester, Boston, MA
Bronze mounted on bricks, H. 2 1/2’ H x L. 8’


Lentil and His Dog Harmony
Hamilton Foundation McCloskey Park
Hamilton, OH
Bronze mounted on brick, H. 6’H.23”

Gateway to Independence
Carroll Center for the Blind
Newton, MA
Bronze sculpture with bells, H. 92”

Winnie the Pooh and the Hunny Pot
Children’s Patio, Newton Free Library
Newton, MA
Bronze mounted on brick, H. 3’


Scholarly, Whimsical, Gentle, Lucky, and Loving Dragon
Cambier Park, Naples, FL
Mounted on rubber mat, H. 1/2 ‘x L. 8’


Boston Medical Center, gift to NIF 4th floor, Rooftop Playground
Boston, Mass.
H. 8”

Dancing Girl
Sheba Medical Center Children’s Department
Tel Hashamer, Israel
H. 5’10”

Make Way for Ducklings
Replacement of 3 stolen ducklings and Mrs Mallard, Michael Gobachev
Novodevichy Park, Moscow


Signature sculpture for “Animals In Art” auction for the MSCPA
Boston, MA
Bronze mounted on Travertine marble, H. 6”


Three Dancers
Kiransky Memorial Garden
Hebrew Home for the Aged, Roslindale, MA
H. 15”


Empty Sled and Dog (Sarah Pryor Memorial)
Hannah Williams Park
Cochituate, MA
Bronze, mounted on Appian pavers, H.23”

Joseph Henry Keenan Award
Engineering Department, MIT
Cambridge, MA
Bronze, 5’ D.

Aleph - Aaron Feurestein
Malden Mills Collection
Lawrence , MA


Tortoise and Hare
Boston Marathon, Friends of Copley Square
Original finish line of the Marathon
Copley Square, Boston, MA
Bronze, mounted on Old Boston Cobblestones, H.3’x15’

Raccoons and the Magic Horseshoes
Children’s Bridge, Belle Meade, TN
Horseshoe Walls of Tennessee native stone
Bronze mounted on grass, H.18”

Make Way for Ducklings maquette
Reflective Baby Giraffe

Patrick Pietroni Collection
London, England


Mrs.Hans Hoffman Collectiom
Geneva, Switzerland


Infectious Disease Memorial
Deaconess Hospital
Boston, MA
Bronze on Marble H.20”

Founders’ Award
Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly
Brighton, MA
Bronze mounted on Walnut - H.7”

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