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tortoise and hare

Tortoise and Hare, Copley Square, Boston, Mass
Bronze on brick
Height: 3'   Length 15'
Friends of Copley Square
Installed May 19,1995.

There is also a maquette of the Tortoise and Hare as well as jewelry.

What inspired the Creation of the Tortoise and Hare in Copley Square

I was born and grew up in Newton. The Boston Marathon has been part of my life as long as I can remember. The only marathons I haven’t watched were when I lived out of state. My family had friends who lived on Commonwealth Avenue about half way up “Heartbreak Hill.” We would go there every year and prepare orange slices and cups of water at a little stand that we created. There were no “official water stops” then. I loved watching the men, there were only men then, as they sweated and pulled themselves up that long, long hill - knowing that they would be able to finish the race if they could manage this tough climb. When I grew up, I became a runner, having always been an athlete. I didn’t do the Boston Marathon, just the Bonnie Belle, but I ran all year round and loved the exhilaration that it elicited.



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